Eric Workman

1:1 Questions

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One-on-one meetings are critical connection, feedback, and growth discussion opportunities for managers and their reports. They are focused times for collaboration and space for managers to hear from their employees. These times are for the employees, who should be setting the agenda. Most people, however, need a little help getting started, so here are some of my favorite questions to ask in 1:1s.

  • Are you happy?
  • How do you like to receive praise? Which of the following would satisfy you the best?
    • To get a shoutout during a company meeting
    • In a 1:1 or other private setting
    • To receive some extra compensation
    • To be recognized and relied upon as an expert
  • Do you have a routine or set of rituals that help separate remote work and home life?
  • What kicks you into low energy?
  • What would you do for fun if you had more time than lately?
  • What would convince you to leave for another job elsewhere?
  • Do you see yourself working here for two more years?
  • What's the biggest problem that the company seems to miss?
  • Do you feel like you have a voice with the team? Is anyone not being heard?
  • After you finish some work, how do you decide what to work on next?
  • Do you feel comfortable giving criticism or coaching everyone on your team? If not, why?
  • Whom do you want to work more with in the future?
  • Who is doing remarkable and deserves praise on the team?
  • Do you feel supported and trusted?
  • What work are you doing that goes unsung?
  • How do you think your work impacts the team and company?
  • Who haven't you talked to in the company?
  • Who do you go to for help?
  • What parts of your day-to-day make you the happiest or bring you the most joy? How can we make that happen more often?
  • How do you think your work or the team's work builds into our vision?
  • What are your favorite things to work on?
  • What support can I give you that would make your work better?
  • What are your goals in the next X years? How are you playing to your strengths in reaching these goals?
  • What skills are you developing currently?
  • Do you feel supported in your career advancement here?